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The USP (Unique Selling Point) at Historic Jewellery Reproduction, which my father created in 1969, has always been that because each piece has been moulded directly from the Museum original, the reproductions display all the detail from the craftsman who created it, with the addition of the marks that item has received throughout its history.

Whether these marks have been achieved in battle, constant wearing against other metals or fabrics, corrosion from centuries underwater, damage when stolen or a thousand years underground, you can be sure you are ‘wearing a piece of history’.

My father perfected the techniques necessary to replicate these amazing pieces while working on priceless artifacts at the British Museum; he was the only person in the world with the authority to do this and I continue to strive to uphold this family ethos.

This business, for me, is so much more than selling jewellery; because I also make Fine Jewellery, I want to help people appreciate that the metalworking skills of our ancestors hundreds, even thousands of years ago, was far superior to those of us today.

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