Since 2000 when Historic Jewellery Reproduction was commissioned to supply pieces of jewellery for the epic film Gladiator, starring Russell Crowe, we have supplied several Film and TV productions with historic replicas from our Roman, Egyptian, Celtic, Viking and Mediaeval ranges, to companies such as Sky Cinema,, Fox, Netflix, Starz, Universal, BBC, etc.

Other productions HJR has supplied items and/or designs are :

  • The Bastard Executioner
  • The White Princess
  • The Mummy
  • The Old Guard
  • De Beers advertising

With over 50 years of Goldsmithing experience, Mike Shorer can design and create bespoke pieces for any historical time period as well as fantasy film and sci-fi dramas. HJR also supplies re-enactment groups, LARP groups and societies and historical themed weddings.

If you are in film, TV or theatre production, costume design, props department and require a one-off piece of jewellery or costume decoration or mass-production historical items for the film cast please contact Mike Shorer DCJ FGC FIPG on or or give him a call on 01273 612 959 in his studio.

Special Project For The Crown

15 months ago I was approached by Netflix to make ‘a ring for the lead actress in an upcoming series’…. which turned out to be the engagement ring that Dodi wanted to present to Diana. Cripes!! As is often the case with jewellery I supply to films, time is very short before the cameras start filming, but I always pull all the stops out to make it happen. 

En route through the project I heard that I wasn’t first choice to make it, because a hugely famous London jeweller turned it down, but I haven’t got a problem with that I even heard that because of the standard of previous commissions, I had the blessing of a very important gentleman in Paris, which was a great compliment. It starts its story after 23 mins, 23 seconds of Episode 3 of The Crown 6. I was beside myself with excitement, and to know it was for the divine Elizabeth Debicki, playing Diana, was an incredible buzz.

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