Although these testimonials are for bespoke Jewellery, the pieces were based on historical themes. I give as much attention to the manufacture of all our HJR range, whether made in 18 carat gold plated best English Pewter, silver, gold or bronze.

Beautiful brooch – gift for a friend who I know will be delighted! Mike was really helpful and worked round delivery dates to suit my holidays. Highly recommend this item and seller

Jacquie on 07 Sep, 2023

This is a stunning piece! I love St Cuthbert’s Cross and I do not think it can get any better (since the original is not for sale 😉 )

Mojca on 25 May, 2023

Fine seller & creator, Beautiful William & Mary brooch, Exc. price, Prompt international shipping, Perfect transaction! Thank you!!

gallicarose on 21 Apr, 2023

I did not know what to expect with my order, when it arrived, I can honestly say the item is a thing of beauty, very happy with my purchase and will purchase again in the future.

Jacob on 07 Aug, 2023

Really lovely earrings, thanks. What a thrill to wear an authentic copy of some Roman earrings which were found not far from where I live. They arrived beautifully boxed, with an information card etc. and would make a lovely gift. I highly recommend this seller and hope to buy again.

MrsBrownslaugh on 10 Jun, 2022

A very special gift, I was thrilled to find this replica. Beautifully made, it is a faithful match to the original. I really love it.

Sheila Stirrup on 25 Apr, 2022

Really lovely cufflinks. They’re a gift for a friend and he’s sure to adore them.

evmcwil on 05 Apr, 2022

Absolutely stunning, a birthday present for my reenactor partner and he is over the moon with it (and many people are very jealous of it!)

Emily on 21 Jan, 2022

Very nice piece of jewelry, will order more from Mike. Article corresponds to the description and has far exceeded my expectations. Thank you dear Mike for your super beautiful jewelry!

Seidel on 06 Jan, 2022

This pendant is absolutely stunning!!! A MUST for any Tennis lover! I purchased this as a Birthday gift for my Mom, who loves Wimbledon, and she has worn it every day since. Great length, beautiful detail & craft-work. Mike is so kind and answered any questions I had. Would definitely purchase from here again.

Jen on 16 Jan, 2021

Mystical Celtic dragon broach reminiscent of the beautiful Book of Kells. Absolutelystunning broach ! Many thanks to a fabulous seller.

Annabel on 24 Sep, 2020

It has a nice weight for the size and hangs nicely. A useful addition to a dark age reenactor’s bling 🙂

Julian on 04 Jul, 2022

This pectoral cross is spectacular…fantastic quality…an exact replica of the original if Saint Cuthbert. I am delighted!!!

William on 14 Oct, 2021

When I saw a documentary that included the beautiful Aemilia ring, an artefact from Romano Britain, I wondered if I could have a reproduction of it made for my partner.  My partner loves history so I thought this would make a fantastic gift as well as a very special symbol of my love for her. The result of an internet search was I found Historic Jewellery Reproduction and the website indicated that a reproduction of the Aemilia ring could be made, created from a mould of the ring itself!  Soon I was in contact with Mike Shorer, an extraordinary jeweller.  

Since I wanted this ring to be especial, I had the further thought that it would be wonderful if it could have my partner’s name on the ring instead of the original Roman woman’s name. 

I wasn’t sure if such a thing was possible, but fortunately Mike said it was indeed possible and he  generously agreed to this request.  It was fascinating to hear from Mike that to create this customised design it would require saw blades as thin as a human hair.   

Mike worked very hard on this ring. His careful work produced a ring that was perfection itself!   When it arrived, both my partner and myself were delighted with this beauteous piece of art, a ring that means a lot to both of us. 

Mr. Shorer is a skillful  artisan, one whom I  am glad is there for my future  jewellery needs.

Kerry and Beatrix


My wife recently purchased a bespoke piece of jewellery for my Birthday from Mike Shorer.I wanted an Anglo Saxon cross, with an old English phrase to be inscribed on it. This was to be the second piece of work that we have asked Mike to do, hence the reason we were returning.

It was a very personal piece of Jewellery to which Mike had no problems adapting to, to ensure that the lettering was right and that it fitted neatly onto the Cross.Unfortunately, the first attempt was too big for me to wear. However, the thing that struck me straight away was Mike’s customer service. Without any hassle we came to a mutual agreement and I put the cross back in the post.

Subsequently, Mike had to do a lot of rework, before he sent the item back to me.

The finished item, is just what I wanted with the appropriate adjustments made in the size. I am a very happy customer. Not just with the finished product in which a lot of skilled work has gone into. But also Mikes prompt response and customer service, to correct the initial work.

I appreciate the skill and effort and his prompt communications skills. I would recommend anyone use his services for his craftsmanship, quality and customer relations.

Thanks again,

James Paton

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