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  • Horse of Ribe Brooch


    9th to 10th century AD. This reproduction has been created from the original clay mould fragments found in the 9th century bronzesmith’s workshop at Ribe. Reproduced in collaboration with the Konservatoskole, Kobenhavn and Den Antikvarisk i Samling, Ribe,Denmark. Length 52mm

  • Veggerslev Horse Brooch


    Veggerslev Horse Brooch. 7th century AD. The original bronze brooch was found in East Jutland, Denmark. National Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark. Length 87mm

  • Viking Tortoise Brooch


    The bronze original is decorated with single gripping beasts in panels, and bosses with Borre-style knot. Found in Lisbjerg, Jutland. 9th century AD. Forhistorisk Museum, Moesgard, Denmark. Length 88mm

  • Viking Trefliget Brooch


    Viking Trefliget Brooch. 9th century AD. The bronze original is decorated in the style of the period with gripping beast and borre-knot. Bronze finish. Forhistorisk Museum, Moesgard, Denmark. Height 52mm