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  • Cross with Dove of Louis Philipe


    The 8 pointed Cross with Dove of Louis Philipe, Duc d’Orleans, 1725 – 85. He served with the French armies in several successful campaigns. Modelled from a painting in the Hercules Room of the Chateau Vaux le Vicomte, near Melun, France, built in 1661 by Nicholas Fouquet, Lord High Treasurer to Louis XIV. Height 44mm

  • General Pitt-Rivers’ Medallion


    The originals were designed by Dr. John Evans and were placed by General Pitt-Rivers in the majority of his excavations in Cranbourne Chase, stamped with the date. Salisbury Museum, Wiltshire.   

  • General Strike Memento 1926


    The brass original, in the form of a miner's lamp was made to raise funds for the striker's families. A portrait on the banner of Harton and Westoe Miners Lodge shows A.J. Cook, secretary of the Miner's Federation of Great Britain (1924-31) wearing one of these mementoes. 1926. Beamish Museum, Co. Durham. Height 27mm

  • Knights of St. John Cross pendant


    Maltese Cross with fleur-de-lys granulation decoration, gold, 19thcentury, Malta . The Maltese Cross is the symbol of an Order known as Knights Hospitaller or Knights of Malta. Height 44mm Museum of the Order of St John . Clerkenwell, London.

  • Palmetto Emblem 18th c AD


    Replica of an old military cap ornament of a South Carolina regiment. Composed of the shields forming the state seal and a palmetto tree, symbol of South Carolina. The spongy, shock-absorbing trunk played a vital part in the victory of Sullivan’s Island (Fort Moultrie), 28th June 1776. Mid 18th century AD. Private collection, South Carolina….

  • Silver gilt Amulet. 18th c AD


    The Ten Commandments are chasedon the upper part and below, the Angel preventing Abraham from sacrificing his son, Isaac. Engraved on the back is a clock face showing nine o'clock. (According to tradition, Abraham initiated the Morning Prayer, which has to be said before 9 am). Italian. 18th century AD. Jewish Museum, London. Height 73mm