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  • 9 carat gold Egyptian Signet ring


    Egyptian Signet Ring XVIII  Dynasty. Circa 1450 BC. The gold original shows two figures of the god Bes. From a tomb at El Armana. Liverpool Museum.

  • Egyptian Charm Ring


    Egyptian Charm Ring. XVIII Dynasty. 1300 BC. The silver original, bears on the bezel an Hieroglyphic inscriptiondesigned to provide magical protectionto the wearer against various forms of evil. Manchester Museum. This example is sterling silver. 9 and 18 carat gold available on request.      

  • Mycenaean Ring


    The original gold Mycenaean ring, dates from c,1300 – 1400 BC. The design is a typical Minoan form and the original can be seen in the British Museum, London. 9 carat yellow gold. 18 carat gold available on request.      

  • Ring of Akhenaten


    The gold original is from Tell El-Armana and belonged to the father of Tutankhamun. Eighteenth Dynasty, 1350 BC. Gilded English Pewter. Manchester Museum. Width 23mm.