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  • Celtic Plaque Brooch


    The bronze original represents the face of a warrior and was found in Chesters Fort, Hadrian’s Wall, Northumberland. Late 1st to 2nd century AD. Height 61mm 

  • Dragonesque Brooch


    c. 90 AD. The bronze original, decorated with enamel is of unique Celtic curvilinear work and was excavated in 1956 at Tullie House, site of Roman Carlisle (Luguvalium). Tullie House, Carlisle. Length 54mm

  • Ipswich Torc Terminal Brooch


    The gold original is on one of four Torcs, or collars, found at Ipswich, Suffolk in 1968 and now on display in the British Museum, London. The four Torcs were found in a field by a farmer when ploughing. Thinking they were ‘bucket handles or something’ he threw them in a ditch. Urged on by…