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I am continuing to run my father’s business which he created in 1969. I am now the seventh generation to be involved in the Goldsmithing trade.

Six previous generations of gold workers and jewellers instilled an interest in myself. My Great Grandfather made the metalwork, of gold or silver, into which the gems were set. My Grandfather was a setter of such gems in such gold, silver and platinum metalwork, including re-setting gems in the Coronation Crown.

My father taught me metalworking techniques from the age of six, my mother, an artist, taught me how to draw in perspective and I attended the Sir John Cass School of Art and Design in Whitechapel, between 1976 and 1980, gaining Advanced City and Guilds and a Diploma in The Design and Craftsmanship of Jewellery. I was made a Freeman of the Goldsmith’s Company in 1994 and granted the Freedom of the City of  London in the same year. I started my own business, Mike Shorer Fine Jewellery in Essex in 1990 and took over Historic Jewellery Reproduction after Dad passed away in 2010. I have now linked the business with several more Museums, English Heritage and film and TV companies to make bespoke historically-themed pieces as well as replicating museum pieces using similar techniques to the ones Dad pioneered and perfected over 60 years ago.

I now run both businesses from my Studio in East Sussex and continue to strive for perfection in whatever I make. I genuinely feel the presence of past generations’ spirits helping me resolve design challenges, move the metal and settle gemstones in place.

I have been fortunate to be commissioned to make some remarkable pieces: jewellery and objet for many of our Royal Family, Sports, TV and Film Stars as well as an incredible array of trophies for Award ceremonies and major global sports events.

Historic jewellery reproduction is expanding more into the Film world, supplying pieces that Dad moulded all those years ago, with newly-commissioned items for epic size films and series’ on Netflix using an amalgamation of traditional manufacturing techniques and the latest laser-based, CAD and 3D modelling skills. I like to think that my previous Goldsmithing generations are on my side when I push the boundaries as much as I can with new techniques because after all, Dad wouldn’t have been held in such high regard if he hadn’t experimented as much as he did.

I am very proud to be the President of the Chamber of Commerce in my home town of Newhaven; I have designed and made all the new regalia for myself, the Vice President, our Cultural Attache and these have been very useful in promoting not only my skills but the local businesses, in some cases, on a global scale.

If you would like to discuss a new project please do not hesitate to contact me at mike@mikeshorerjewellery.com

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