Medieval Jewellery

Medieval Jewellery

The Medieval period, often referred to as the Middle Ages, is one of the most memorable periods throughout history. It spanned across ten centuries, and included some of the most iconic people and acts known to man.


There has been a great deal of study dedicated to the Medieval period, and so many artifacts and paintings have been discovered as a result. What many scholars have found is that people dressed a certain way and wore certain medieval jewellery that pales in comparison to what we have today.


Here at HJR, we aim to bring medieval jewellery back into the 21st Century. Through expert reproduction, we’re able to create masterful pieces that are perfect replicas of jewellery from this time.

Expert Medieval Jewellery Reproduction

What sets our medieval jewellery apart from the rest? It all comes down to our diversity and commitment. We’re committed to creating the most accurate reproductions we can. This may take a long time, but we believe that quality is always a top priority. Not only that, we’re committed to giving our customers a choice of the marvellous jewellery from this time. As such, we have numerous items up for sale.


Our array of medieval jewellery is perhaps the biggest collection we have on our site. We have a plethora of brilliant brooches for you to choose from, each one inspired by pieces depicted in paintings from history. Similar to this, our online catalogue contains authentic looking pilgrim badges too - perfect if you want to capture the true spirit of the Middle Ages. We also have pendants that follow very similar designs, but can be worn around the neck instead of being pinned to clothing.


Then, we have some truly stunning medieval bracelets that look remarkably real. All the subtle grooves and finishes are accounted for, we want to make these pieces look the part. Along with this, we have gold and silver cuff links that are crafted beautifully into iconic medieval designs.


If rings are more your thing, we have plenty of these too, both for your fingers and ears. Medieval rings and earrings are unique and extremely gorgeous in their design. The earrings are wonderfully colourful and hang low, such was the style in those times. The rings are a work of art and really capture the medieval jewellery style.


As well as all of this, we can also offer medieval spoons. Spoons were highly popular back in those times, with many people owning extravagant pieces that make the spoons of today look very underwhelming.

The Best Place To Buy Medieval Jewellery

Take a look at every piece on our site if you want to see more details as well as pricing. We aim to make all of our medieval jewellery at a competitive price for our customers. HJR is one of the only places online that has such a diversity of medieval jewellery up for sale. There’s something for everyone, all tastes are catered to.


Buying a piece is easy, you just head to the medieval jewellery page on our site, click on the item you want, and add it to your cart.