Anglo Saxon Jewellery

Anglo Saxon Jewellery

The Anglo-Saxons were iconic people in the history of the UK. They inhabited the country from the 5th Century all the way to the 12th. This period is perhaps most well known for the interesting and unforgettable styles depicted in paintings from the era. People were often shown wearing the finest Anglo-Saxon jewellery.


At HJR, we work tirelessly to bring these iconic pieces of Anglo-Saxon jewellery back to life. Inspired by the many paintings and artifacts from that time, we craft our own modern creations of these beautiful pieces of jewellery. We can proudly boast one of the largest collections of antique Anglo-Saxon jewellery in the UK. Our online catalogue is extremely diverse, with many different pieces on offer for you to purchase.

Authentic Anglo-Saxon Jewellery

All of our antique jewellery is made to be as authentic as possible. We strive to make each piece look like it was directly plucked from ancient Anglo-Saxon runes. This involves endless days and weeks studying iconic pieces and finding the right material to draw inspiration from. Then, our experienced team of antique jewellery reproduction experts work to ensure every little detail is matched on our creations.


As well as our unrivalled attention to detail, we also provide the best variety of Anglo-Saxon jewellery too. We don’t put all our eggs in one basket and create one piece of jewellery then replicate it over and over. Instead, we focus on many different items to give our customers more choice.


Our Anglo-Saxon brooches are highly popular as they follow a plethora of unique and authentic designs. We have the iconic St. Cuthbert Pectoral Cross, along with many traditional work brooches, horse brooches, and plenty of other designs. They’re made using a combination of gold, silver, and bronze, with lots of finish touches added too.


We also supply some purely beautiful pendants for you to buy too. They look lovely hanging around your neck and follow more of the same Anglo-Saxon designs. Crosses are very popular, but we also create fish pendants and sculpture pendants too.


Along with this, our team has worked hard to recreate authentic Anglo-Saxon rings. We currently only have one for sale, but it’s a true work of art. Made from silver, it looks like it was slipped off the finger of an Anglo-Saxon ruler. To go alongside this, we’ve also spent countless hours bringing Anglo-Saxon fish earrings back to life. These were often seen in pictures and paintings from the time, making them a truly iconic piece.


Finally, we reproduce the finest Anglo-Saxon cufflinks too. Currently, there are two gorgeous designs on our site, both containing etchings and markings from this historical period. We do aim to reproduce more designs in the future if possible.

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If you’re interested in any of the items mentioned above, please head to the Anglo-Saxon page of our site to look at every piece in more detail. Here, you will learn more about the inspiration behind each item, as well as seeing the price details.


For the best Anglo-Saxon jewellery, put your order in with HJR today.