Antique Jewellery

Antique Jewellery

Historic Jewellery Reproduction is your one stop shop for antique jewellery. You will be hard pressed to find another online store with such an extensive array of gorgeous antique jewellery for sale. With a plethora of options at your disposal, there’s something for everyone.

Huge Collection Of Antique Jewellery

No matter what your tastes are, there is guaranteed to be a product that interests you. We sell antique jewellery reproductions from some of the most popular periods in history. This includes our beautiful back catalogue of Bronze Age jewellery that’s both simple and elegant.


We also boast some truly stunning Celtic brooches and jewellery that harness the unique style from this point in history. Our pieces are full of colour and made using the finest quality gold. Along with this we also have wonderful Anglo-Saxon crosses and bangles studded with red rubies and jewels.


If Roman style is more your thing, we’ve got this covered too. We sell many items inspired by the unique Roman style, as well as some Romano-British pieces as well.


Taking inspiration from the ancient Nordic times, we also have many pieces of Viking jewellery for you to marvel at. These pieces are very bold and exquisitely designed to make a statement. They’re certainly not for someone looking to be subtle!


Some of our most popular pieces come from Medieval Britain. Our store reproduces some of the finest designs from this time, using paintings of former Kings and Queens as inspiration for the pieces.


Moving away from Europe and we’re one of the only suppliers of antique jewellery that can boast a collection of pieces from the Far East. They are truly staggering and beautiful to behold. There’s a clear difference in Far East design compared to everything else we offer. Along with this, we have some wonderful pieces reproduced from the best designs in South America. As if this isn’t enough, our company crafts gorgeous Egyptian antique jewellery too.


While most of our antique jewellery is from many years ago, we also supply pieces from more modern times too. This includes wonderful memorabilia from World War 2.


As well as the different styles inspired from iconic parts of history, we also have a range of jewellery types as well. There are earrings, pendants, cufflinks, lapel pins, brooches, rings, bracelets, and a lot more too. To put it simply, we have everything covered with regards to the finest antique jewellery.

Buy The Best Antique Jewellery Today

All of our antique jewellery is inspired by history, and every piece is truly fabulous. If you’re looking for the best antique jewellery online, this is the only place to be.


At Historic Jewellery Reproduction, we offer more than competitive prices for all our customers. Feel free to look through all the items on our site to see their individual prices.


Why buy from us? We are the leading antique jewellery company in the UK, and all of our items are crafted and modeled from original items. Our attention to detail is sublime, you’ll find it hard to tell the difference between our modern creations and the original pieces.


So, visit our website today if you want to start shopping for the best antique jewellery online.