Celtic Jewellery Reproduction For Film And Tv

Celtic Jewellery Reproduction for Film and TV

A large part that comes with creating a successful film or TV show is paying attention to the little details. You want to ensure that every part of your production is up to par and that nothing lets it down. This includes everything from the backdrop and sets to the costumes. A big part of the costumes is the jewellery and you want to make sure that you have authentic-looking jewellery to really tie it all together. If you are putting together a Celtic production, you want to make sure your jewellery fits for the period and style and doesn’t let down the production.

Here at Historic Jewellery Reproduction, we know the importance of creating items that are not only designed to look the part from afar, but up close too. After all, TV screens are only getting sharper! This is why we used techniques and tools to ensure the jewellery we create looks authentic right to its core. We have been in the business for a long time and as such know the best techniques to ensure you receive jewellery pieces that you are proud to have included in your Celtic Jewellery Reproduction for Film and TV.

Some of the most common types of Celtic jewellery that was around during the time and as such is likely to be used in your production might include:

Brooches - Some of the most common pieces of jewellery that Celtic people used to wear included torcs and brooches, of which were very distinctive at the time. These were used to hold cloaks together, to pin on their clothes as a defining piece of jewellery for their house and so much more.

Pendants - Pendants were another very popular form of jewellery in the time and one of the most recognizable pendants is the traditional Celtic necklace. This was made from an elaborate Celtic cross and could be plain or have a stone in the centre. Some were more decorative than others, often depending on class and wealth status of the individual and their family.

Rings - Celtic rings tended to be ornate, decorated with the traditional Celtic knotwork. The sides of the Celtic knot symbol on the ring is said to represent the elements fire, water and earth, while the continuous line means unity and love. This is why it was a popular design for wedding rings or engagement rings.

Other popular types of Celtic jewellery that we can help you to replicate for your production includes cufflinks, bangles and objets.

We will work with you to understand your brief and put together Celtic jewellery replicas that you will be proud to use. We will ensure they look and feel authentic and will really add credibility to your next production that is set in the time period and location. We are the first and only jewellery company in the world allowed to mould some priceless and original artefacts, something we take immense pride in and that adds to the authenticity factor. To find out more, get in touch via our website.