Egyptian Jewellery Reproduction For Film And Tv

Egyptian Jewellery Reproduction for Film and TV

Whether you are producing a movie or a TV show, you want it to look authentic. If it doesn’t it can seriously hamper the credibility of it and cause people to switch off or not like the production as much. What people don’t realise is that the authenticity of items used in period-style shows and films goes way beyond just the set design and main costumes. It needs to be interwoven into everything right down to the jewellery. Jewellery is a very big indicator for a time period and so you want it to be right. From encapsulating the trends of the time to the getting the colours and look of the technique right, it is all very important to capture the essence of what you’re shooting.

Here at Historic Jewellery Production, we can work with you to produce authentic Egyptian jewellery that reflects the time period perfectly. Our team is made of those that are enthusiastic about both history and films, so is ideal to bring your vision to life. With the knowledge and ideas of the time period, they will work with you to create custom pieces that are an accurate reflection of what would have actually been worn at the time. After all, no one wants a production to be ruined because of an oversight by the costume department!

When it comes to Egyptian Jewellery Reproduction for Film and TV, some of the main things that you would be looking for include:

Wide-collar necklaces - These were very popular at the time and were made from rows of beads. These tended to be in shapes such as flowers or animals and came in various colours. It might be embellished with stones or jewels too.

Pendants - Pendants were very popular in Egyptian times and would often be marked with hieroglyphics such as those of their gods. They tended to be made from gold and worn round their neck a lot of the time.

Rings - Rings were another popular jewellery piece in ancient Egypt and it was actually the Egyptians that believed the fourth finger contained the vein of love - thus making it the finger to wear your wedding ring on.

Earrings - Earrings in ancient Egypt were used to be decorative jewellery items and tended to be ornate in design. Many goddesses were believed to have pierced ears and it was believed that their earrings told a lot about their personality.

At Historic Jewellery Production, we can bring any of the above jewellery items to life, making them look and feel as they would have done back in the times of ancient Egypt. In a time when jewellery was commonly worn by everyone from farmers to royals, it's vital that you get it right. You want to show the difference between jewellery pieces in the classes, such as the quality of stones used from precious stones to painted clay and give an accurate reflection.

If you are looking for authentic Egyptian Jewellery Reproduction for Film and TV we are on hand to help. Get in touch via our website now.