Bronze Age Jewellery

Bronze age Jewellery
Bronze Age Jewellery

The bronze age is noted as being from the year 3000 B.C to the year 1200 B.C. This relates to the time period when the bronze metal was primarily used for tools, and weapons. This was due to man’s development, as the art of combining metals such as tin and copper, helped them to develop the bronze metal material. Humans in turn learned to manipulate this material to form shapes for various purposes. It was therefore used also in the making of jewellery during the bronze age.
An ancient civilisation is said to be in a bronze age depending on their stages of development in the metalworking of the bronze material. The type of cultural jewellery that is from this time period, is therefore extremely varied, depending on where is was created and found years later. Of course, the bronze age, was not a time when only bronze materials were used to develop jewellery. Other materials that the people had learned to manipulate were also used in the production of jewellery during this time period.
For example, the ‘Cruciform Brooch’ on display on the Historic Jewellery Reproduction online shop, is a replica of the original found in Denmark. There are currently two perfect replicas of this brooch to choose from on the website. Tools and weapons produced during the bronze age included the axe head. This shape could also be moulded and worn as a pendant round the neck, and a replica of this is also available in the online shop.
As bronze has a warm golden colour to it, is durable and cleans up well, it remains a popular metal today in the use of jewellery making. Due to the fact it can last long periods of time with due care and attention, there are also many bronze artifacts for the historian and archaeological conservationist to work with.
How is it that Historic Jewellery Reproduction can produce accurate replicas of the bronze age originals? Well many other bronze age reproductions and replicas tend to use archaeological photographs to replicate bronze age jewellery. Even when they are presented with the original bronze age piece of jewellery, they can only copy what they see. This company, however, is the only company in the world at this time, to replicate the jewellery from moulds of the original pieces. This is because the previous owner, and father to the current owner of Historic Jewellery Reproductions, developed a revolutionary method of moulding, to recreate the artefacts such as the ones stated above. This has allowed this company to produce pieces that are a true representation of the original time period and jewellery pieces.
We have even provided our jewellery reproduction services to the film industry and have a vast knowledge of the history of jewellery to enable us to support film, tv and re-enactments with everything they need to recreate the exact culture and look of the times they wish to emulate.
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