South American Jewellery

South American Jewellery
South American Jewellery

South America is a vast continent, with a rich history from many peoples, backgrounds and cultures. Particularly in the northern part of South America; Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador and Colombia, the ancient people were highly developed goldsmiths, having access to an abundance of gold mined from their very own lands. This goldwork was mixed with other metalworking such as copper and silver. As a result, the selection of historic South American jewellery can be clearly seen even today, with golds and other metals lasting years and years for us to admire and continue to examine. Some artifacts even date back to as early as 1000 B.C.E, and show us the intricate and technical metalworking quality of the Moche (an ancient civilisation of Peru) people.
When the Spanish arrived after Christopher Columbus discovery of the South American civilisations, a lot of the jewellery productions were unfortunately melted down for their own use and to ship them across the seas. However, many examples still remain and have been found during archaeological digs of ancient American graves and burial sites.
As a professional reproductive artist of historic jewellery, and the study of antiquities, Historic Jewellery Reproduction take a keen interest in the detailing, patterns and techniques of these particular groups. As a conservationist of historical archelogy at the British Museum, the founder of HJR gave attention to detail, even developing techniques and technologies to replicate and restore accurately the detailing and workings of some pieces within the museum. This has in turn lead to current reproductions, from the founder’s son Mike Shorer, of some beautiful South American Jewellery.
One of the pieces of South American jewellery we have produced, is on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum from the Quimbaya area, where the Quimbaya treasure was found. It is a gold pendant of a mask that looks like an interpretation of the sun. The ‘Quimbaya Treasure’ was more than one hundred objects that were found in two Colombian graves, and have been noted as being from the pre-Hispanic era, therefore untainted by other cultures. These pure examples of ancient South American Jewellery, along with the pioneering techniques of the trade, allow Historic Jewellery Reproduction to provide exact replicas, or jewellery in fitting with the detailing and patterns of the time, for display purposes, films, re-enactments, and other special private commissions.
Of course, the South Americas also had American Indian Cultures and tribes. Some of the types of South American jewellery from these cultures can be found in the online shop collection. One such piece of South American jewellery is a traditional silver Navajo pendant, called ‘Naja’ by the natives that wore them.
The Andes also had a rich religious heritage that believed in several gods, including fertility gods. The symbols or depictions of their gods were worn as jewellery to grant the wearer fertility and grant them other such favour from their deities.
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