Recent Brooch

Recent brooch
Recent brooch

Perhaps when you think of a brooch you think of ladies taking tea in the afternoon in some grand house like Downton Abbey. Perhaps you think of grandmothers or even great grandmothers. Perhaps you think of ruffles and lace and swathes of far too much fabric. Perhaps you think vintage when vintage is not really your thing. Perhaps you think of second hand when second hand is not really your thing. Whatever you think when you think of brooches have you ever thought that they are becoming once again quite fashionable and a modernly styled recent brooch need not be part of an antique or vintage fashion look if that’s not your thing.

More high street fashion brands are producing new and interesting pieces of statement jewellery including such pieces as a recent brooch. The addition of a modern piece of jewellery such as a recent brooch or any other piece of statement jewellery can drastically and dramatically alter an entire outfit. It can be great fun and creatively challenging to try out different looks simply by trial and error with different pieces of jewellery. As seasons change, so does fashion. New colours, new fabrics, new prints, new textures. For example, the transition from summer into autumn closely followed by winter provides many exciting opportunities for a reshuffle of the wardrobe. Many will agree that the seasonal wardrobe sort out is quite an exciting event. Packing away the cotton dresses and swimsuits and searching out the chunky knitted sweaters and warm woollen coats is rather exhilarating.

However why should it only be our clothes and shoes that get all the fun of a seasonal change. Should not jewellery also be party to some of the excitement of seasonal fashion swap outs! For example, a fashionable recent brooch can look simply wonderful when paired with a gorgeous woollen winter coat or fine knitted sweater. If you are looking for ways to increase your options when it comes to your style why not experiment with different styles and kinds of jewellery? One of the great things about jewellery is its ability to be used in so many different areas. Earrings of every variety. Necklaces and pendants as simple or as decadent as the imagination is capable of imagining. Bracelets, as few as one or a few dozen depending on your preference. Rings on every finger or none at all and a brooch - antique, vintage, retro or a recent brooch as the case may be. The choice is yours and the choice is great and the fun is in the choosing!

The Historic Jewellery Reproduction Company are expert in the craft of reproducing pieces of historic jewellery. Are you in search of a recent brooch for example perhaps fashioned after an ancient one? The Historic Jewellery Reproduction Company may be able to help you. Take a look at our website for examples of our work. Here you will find our contact details and we welcome any questions you may have with regards to the craft that we are so passionate about.