Antique Brooch

Antique brooch
Antique brooch

Modern jewellery tends to consist of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings and less so of brooches. One would not have to travel far back in time however perhaps two or three generations at most to find that it was common for many women to where what would you would now consider an antique brooch. Jewellery and indeed brooches have been part of the history of human society from all over the world for centuries and even for millennia. The Historic Jewellery Reproduction Company located in England are a 7th generation team of skilled crafts men expert in this unique field. A visit to the Historic Jewellery Reproduction Company website will allow you to see examples of the pieces of jewellery we are capable of producing including such items as a beautiful antique brooch.

The earliest of brooches may have been used in more of a functional capacity. They may have been used to fasten items of clothing on either shoulder for example. Before brooches were formed out of metal they may have been made from such natural items as thorns, flint and sticks. Overtime however, around the Middle Ages, folk discovered that brooches could be used as a way of decorative beauty and adornment.

The Victorians commonly wore brooches. One example of such an antique brooch is the type of brooch they wore when a person in the family had passed away and they were therefore in mourning. This particular antique brooch would often have been formed from black enamel and the date of the death of the deceased person would have been engraved on the brooch. Arguably, in rather a morbid fashion the brooch may have contained a lock of the deceased’s hair.

Another kind of rather fascinating antique brooch became most fashionable between the 17th and 20th centuries. These particular antique brooches were shaped like feathers and though they were brooches they often were worn, not in clothing but in the hair. A beautiful example of creativity in the form of an antique brooch were the brooches that became known as ’En Tremblant’ (the French meaning is to tremble) brooches. These brooches were so called because the way they were fashioned meant that when worn they would slightly quiver and this quivering would cause the diamonds of the brooch to catch in the candlelight, causing an exquisite captivating effect.

The Historic Jewellery Reproduction Company in England produce expertly crafted pieces of jewellery including pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and antique brooches. We can fashion and form brooches from almost any era of history. We have seven generations worth of insight and knowledge in this unique form of craft. Why not visit our website well you will see examples of our work and you will find more information on what the Historic Jewellery Reproduction Company do and what we can offer you? If you have any questions regarding any of the jewellery we currently have on sale or regarding any other particular piece you are interested in having reproduced, such as an antique brooch, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.