Movie Jewellery

Movie Jewellery

Attention to detail is everything when creating and producing movies. Jewellery plays an integral role in creating and defining characters, bringing them to life on camera, and providing a snapshot of different eras, historical periods and settings. If you’re searching for movie jewellery for an upcoming production, and you’re on the hunt for authentic pieces that are perfect for your film, we’re confident we can help.

Movie jewellery
Movies take us to another world, and they can treat us to unique experiences that stick with us for a lifetime. When you watch a film, it absorbs you, and it makes you feel as though you’re part of that world. To achieve this objective and encourage audiences to believe in the characters and the presentation of the setting, directors and producers use a vast array of methods. One key consideration is costumes. If a movie is set in Ancient Rome, for example, viewers need to see costumes that comprise clothing, accessories and jewellery that are an accurate representation of what people living in those times would have worn. Historic jewellery plays a vital role in enhancing costumes and encouraging audiences to buy into the film and the characters involved in the plot line.

At Historic Jewellery Reproduction, we are very proud to have provided movie jewellery for blockbuster films, including Gladiator. We have a vast selection of pieces that spans the ages, and we can provide all kinds of jewellery for films that feature every period of history. Our movie jewellery line features everything from ornate pendants worn in Ancient Rome and stunning earrings from Egypt to Viking rings, Celtic crosses, Bronze Age bracelets, and South American brooches.

Authentic TV and film jewellery
At Historic Jewellery Reproduction, we understand the importance of wowing viewers and creating authentic experiences and representations that take audiences on a journey. Our collection of TV and movie jewellery is designed to provide an insight into fashions and trends and to enable directors and actors to use genuine pieces of history to enhance aesthetics and credibility.

We offer a unique proposition when it comes to movie jewellery, as we produce pieces based on the originals. We employ traditional methods and moulding techniques to design jewellery that is authentic and genuine. Our unique position within the industry enables us to provide the very finest quality pieces for films and TV shows. We are the only company that is able to use original moulds and templates, providing you with unrivalled levels of accuracy and optimum aesthetics.

Why choose us?
We’re passionate about making jewellery, we’re movie buffs, and we’re history enthusiasts. We believe that we’re perfectly placed to provide stunning movie jewellery, and we offer an extensive collection of items that celebrate the ages. Whether you’re recreating a scene in an Anglo-Saxon village or you’re planning for a bloody battle in medieval times, we can help you source those all-important finishing touches.

If you have specific ideas in mind, or you like the look of some of the pieces in our galleries, we’d love to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today.